Waxing Salon

Ditch Your Pesky Shaving Sessions: Here’s Why You Should Choose Blinkin Beauty for Waxing

Your everyday shaving regimen might be a highly demanding errand. Plus, removing the pesky leg, hand, and underarm hair requires a lot of commitment from your end. So, thinking of switching over to a more simplified option already? Look no further than Blinkin Beauty.

Why Choose Our Waxing Estheticians?

As a beginner, the thought of getting waxed for the first time might be nerve-wracking. But with Blinkin Beauty professionals, your waxing session won’t feel intimidating. Our talented estheticians are cordial and make you feel comfortable before your session starts. With us, you won’t feel unsafe.

Services We Have on Offer

So, do you want to flaunt your bare skin at the beach party or best friend’s wedding? If yes, now is the right time to consult us. Flaunt your smooth and silky skin with our Blinkin Beauty services. Here are the services we bring on offer for our clients:

  • Leg waxing
  • Bikini wax
  • A full Brazilian wax
  • A full body wax

Come & visit our salon that offers the best rates for different waxing solutions. Ditch your at-home routine and settle for the most professional session. Leave your waxing woes to our professionals and enjoy an exciting experience at the salon!

2 of Our Customized Waxing Solutions for Each and All

At Blinkin Beauty, we have highly proficient professionals who take care of your waxing session with additional care. Here are some services we offer:

Chocolate Wax

Chocolate wax is better than regular wax. It contains natural ingredients such as soybean oil, cocoa, glycerin, almond oil, olive oil, and vitamins. It’s calming and usually does not cause pain. It’s skin-friendly and thicker to strip the hair off more easily.

Rica Wax

Also known as Liposoluble or white chocolate wax, Rica wax does not contain colophony. Much to the knowledge of fans, Colophony is the skin sensitizer responsible for causing allergic dermatitis.The wax uses vegetable oil mixed with glyceryl rosinate. It ensures painless hair removal. It does not need heating, so there is no risk of burning your skin.Opt for our initial consultation and learn which waxing method is safe for your skin.