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Acquire a Youthful Skin with Blinkin Beauty

Beautiful skin requires your utmost commitment and not any miracle. And at Blinkin Beauty, we know how face treatment has become a woman’s luxury and necessity. Face care therapies are quintessential in this competitive world where looking presentable is a factor of life. Aging might be a fact of your life, but having wrinkled skin isn’t great. Thus, our professionals select the right facial treatment as per your skin type.

Alleviate Stress & Psychological Distress by Consulting Our Estheticians

Our estheticians consider themselves your skin’s personal trainer. They understand how regular facials have become fantastic for consistently radiant and glowing skin. Besides, our introductory, deluxe, and elite facials can relieve psychological distress.

With years of experience, our facialists work hard to alleviate stress and psychological distress. What we do is massage the pressure points on your face connected to different body parts. A decent facial massage keeps the skin glowing, thereby impacting the organs’ functioning.

That’s a sort of facial exercise. An amateur does not identify the pressure points on their face. So, we help them get the fullest of our service through our sessions.

What’s More That Our Facial Therapies Can Offer?

Our face treatments encompass exfoliating & cleansing your skin. It eliminates dead skin, impurities, and dirt from your skin. Our estheticians take time and work with intricacies to offer the following benefits:

  • Preventing aging
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Rejuvenating and detoxifying your skin
  • Treating acne & acne marks
  • Eliminating blackheads, whiteheads, dark circles, and eyebags
  • Making your skin softer and glowing
  • Boosting your skin’s absorption abilities
  • Giving your skin an even tone

Best Times to Visit Our Salon

Occasionally, you can visit us for a deluxe or elite facial session. But in general, we recommend you to visit us at least once a month if you have these conditions:

  • To achieve your face care objectives
  • You have oily or sensitive skin prone to breakouts, acne, and more
  • Your facial treatments’ frequency depends on skin problems such as blackheads, skin dullness, hyperpigmentation, and so on

The benefits of facials for your skin are endless. So, if you want to achieve all these perks, let us be your guide. Consult Blinkin Beauty today.

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Face Care

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Whitening care from AED 200
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Herbal facial from AED 120
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Herbal Clean Up from AED 80
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Hydrating treatment from AED 150